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When I was attending business school I realized that all business designers often take away the -human factor-, the feeling, emotions. After realizing the permanent disconnection between economical models and heart, I decided to devote my career to research how to create Sustainable business processes from design, manufacture, transportation, selling and consumption, to substitute the current unsustainable model that does not takes into account the most important thing: Our mind and heart connection between Human to human and welcome gender balance.  





The world increasingly needs to address environmental issues, which have become a key factor in design.
                  Nowadays it is essential that architects and designers make reduce this issues with sustainable designs in their projects and practices. At Green Habitat, we are committed with the environment and the rational use of natural resources.
                  Consistent with our design objective/philosophy, we also address how specific sites, locations and climates can contribute to green design. And we use our interdisciplinary skills and those of our consultants to create sustainable solutions

Our philosophy is to develop the project customized to the client needs, through continuousfollow up at all stages of the architecture executive project and under construction, to achieve a successful solution of design, quality, and efficiency in costs and time.

At GREEN HABITAT, we combine skills and different views of different technical specializations, inrelation to project development and construction process. We know that contemporary architecture is committed to meet sustainability and clean energy objectives through sustainable designs, bioclimatic architecture and sustainable construction solutions.

Contenedores reusables, re-propósito de estructuras, Inversiones de extranjeros para projectos de arquitectura verde en Mexico, trabajo en comunidades Indigenas y mas en video version en Espanol de entrevista a la Arquitecta Tania Rodriguez FB Tania MBA para el canal Green TV en Mexico, DF. en el programa "Salvando al Planeta" el pasado 27 de Abril, 2015.

We are pleased to attach an article that was published today in El Economista daily under the “Social Responsibility” section as a result of Tania Rodriguez´s interview in April.

"Through School Out Of a Box, green architecture is intended to begin developing in indigenous communities in Mexico and give incentive to other economical business models that are productive and sustainable.

Tania Rodriguez, member of the board of Instituto Memnosye with headquarters in Dallas, Texas and CEO founder of Green Habitat, donated the 3D design for the first prototype that will be built in Carillo Puerto, Quintana Roo.

The installations of the educational center will operate on green technology. Solar panels will be used to gather energy, along with LED bulbs, organic materials, and harvested rain water for the medicinal botanical garden.

The educational center was proposed in 2014 and is currently being built. It is estimated to open by the end of this year.

It is estimated this project will impact the lives of thousands of young people through a platform that gives access to computers allowing them to further their education, including learning English.

With the help of Green Habitat, located in Austin, Texas, a part of the Memnosyne Institute and Fundacion Telmex the project has allocated approximately 50,000 dollars that are focused on the learning curve and the investment of research on technology that is low cost and uses sustainable resources"…/desarrollan-centro-educativo-t…
The Memnosyne Foundation

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